An online community and a book, as a product with a purpose, Indian Spicebox is all about redefining the way we think about Indian food and culture. Focused on providing a fresh, simple, and healthier perspective on Indian food, Indian Spicebox provides Indian food fans with the tools they need to re-create their favorite dishes at home.

Indian Spicebox’s mission is to fill bellies with tasty, homemade, and nutritious food. With the purchase of each Spicebox Kit, and through a long-standing partnership with Indian charity Food for Life Vrindavan, ten street children will be provided with a hot, nutritious meal. Indian Spicebox has funded over 25,000 plates of food in its short lifetime.

Namita originally created Indian Spicebox as a page on Facebook in 2009. What started out as simple recipes and stories about Indian dishes, festivals, Indian culture and spices has grown to become a vibrant global community of over 50,000 Indian foodies.