Studio Painter & Visual Artist

"You have to cross some of your demons to be who you are."

How do you describe someone who defies definition? I’d like to call Anpu Varkey enigmatic. But she is real and direct and, despite the high scaffoldings that she stands upon to paint her murals, she has her feet firmly planted on the ground. I’d like to call her brave. But when I mentioned that word to her she laughed at how it was just a label. I wanted to call her an inspiration. But she sees herself as an observer, one mingling amongst a million, hidden within the bustle of the streets. I tried calling her a street artist. But in doing so, was placing formal boundaries on her ever-changing body of work. Truth be told, Anpu challenged me. She reminded me that it’s good, even exciting, to let ambiguity play a role in my life. That there’s a rush in letting go of who you are and what you know. She showed me that life is lived in moments not milestones. And if you open yourself to uncertainty, you’ll keep discovering how beautiful your life can really be.